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Most customers see a noticeable difference in the colour of their teeth after the first 10 minute application. Although, we normally recommend treatments from 10-30 minutes for 7 consecutive days to achieve the best whitening result.

With a good maintenance routine the results will last all year round. The amount of time your teeth will maintain a certain shade varies from person to person, which is determined by the individual’s daily dental hygiene and diet.

After you have achieved your desired result, we recommend one top up treatment twice a month to maintain your white smile and to prevent new stains from building up.

Our whitening kits and products have been proven to remove stains from people of all ages above 18.

There are three causes of teeth discolouration which our products can be used on, the main one and easiest to remove are surface stains, these are typically caused by tobacco use or by regularly drinking coffee and tea, wine or other coloured beverages such as coca-cola.

Stains can also work through the exterior of the tooth and accumulate within the tooth enamel. Excessive fluoride use has been associated with this type of staining, especially in children. This type of stain is trickier to remove, but it can certainly be done with our Advanced Teeth Whitening Kit.

The third type of staining is age related, normally this is a combination of surface stains and staining of the enamel. This combination of staining can certainly be removed, although the results can vary depending on the thickness of the individual’s enamel. As we age the core tissue of your teeth, the dentin, naturally yellows over time. The enamel that covers the tooth becomes thinner due to abrasion, allowing the dentin to show through. The thinner the enamel is, the more stained the teeth appear.

For best results we recommend the use of our Advanced Teeth Whitening Kit and Whitening Toothpaste

Our products have been proven to remove the three types of staining mentioned above, although our products will not work due to the following;
• Imperfections in the tooth enamel
• Discoloration due to thin enamel
• Tooth decay or infection
• Discoloration caused by metal amalgam fillings
• Staining from certain antibiotics
• Discoloration due to tooth trauma

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee within 30 days of receiving your order if you are not happy with your result. If you need to return an item for any reason, you must first send an email to our customer service team at and describe the problem. Partial returns will not be accepted. We do not cover any shipping costs on returns or exchanges.

For further details on our money-back guarantee please see our terms and conditions.

Kindly note that we do not offer returns or refunds on our Whitening Toothpaste or Dental Floss.


Propylene Glycol, Glycerin, Aqua, Hydrogen Peroxide (6%), Carbomer, Cellulose Gum, PVP, Menthol, Sodium Hydroxide.

Purified water, Xylitol, Diatomite diatomaceous earth, Baking soda, Activated charcoal, Tea tree oil, Organic coconut oil, Xanthan gum. Citric acid, Peppermint oil, Natural flavours.

Yes, all our products are all completely safe when used as per instructions. There is a reason why SmilePro Worldwide is known to have the best teeth whitening kit on the market! Our whitening formula will not damage your gums or the enamel on your teeth. All our products comply with ACCC regulations for safe but effective teeth whitening.


We currently have 2 different whitening kits available:

The Teeth Whitening Kit includes an accelerator whitening light (including batteries) 3 syringes with whitening gel (9 treatments in total), mouth tray, shade guide and step by step instruction manual. The Teeth Whitening Kit is currently on sale for $89.50 AUD (normally $179.00 AUD).

The Advanced Teeth Whitening Kit includes our new rechargeable accelerator light (3 times more effective), 3 Whitening Pens (5 treatments per Pen) which provides a total of 15 treatments. The Kit also includes an LED Battery Charger (USB), Professional Shade Guide and Instruction Manual. The Advanced Teeth Whitening Kit is currently on sale for only $99.50 AUD (normally $199.00 AUD).

For best results we recommend using the Advanced Teeth Whitening Kit in combination with our Whitening Toothpaste. All our whitening kits currently include free shipping worldwide.

Our products are safe to use and can remove surface stains that have built up over time on veneers, caps or crowns. Keep in mind our products won’t make your dental work whiter than the original colour.

Our products do not cause sensitivity to healthy teeth and gums. We do not recommend using our products if you already have sensitive teeth as there might be an underlying issue causing the sensitivity. In healthy teeth, enamel protects the underlying layer of dentin, which is softer than enamel. The tooth roots are protected by gums. If the enamel is worn down or if the gum line has receded, then the dentin becomes exposed which can trigger pain in sensitive teeth.

Yes, you can brush and floss your teeth as per normal when using our products.

The only thing we recommend is to use a toothpaste that does not contain fluoride just before treatment, as it can leave a thin layer on the surface of the teeth which in some cases can minimise the whitening result.

Our natural Whitening Toothpaste does not contain fluoride and is also great to keep your smile white and bright in between treatments.

You can simply brush your teeth with water to remove any build up of food on the surface of your teeth before each whitening treatment.

Do not brush your teeth straight after your whitening treatment as this could cause temporary sensitivity to hot or cold foods.

Our mouth tray is a non-moulding universal tray which is designed to fit our Whitening LED Light. The tray is designed to stop your lips and saliva from removing the gel from the surface of your teeth. It covers both top and bottom teeth for a complete whitening result.

The active ingredient in our whitening formula penetrates the enamel to reach and break down the discoloured molecules on your teeth.

By using our innovative accelerator LED Light, which has the same blue spectrum as dentists use, the formula is activated to increase oxidisation. This speeds up the whitening process and allows the formula to remove the deepest of stains, leaving a longer lasting white smile.

For details on how each kit is used please click the link below.

How It Works

Unfortunately, we do not recommend using our products while pregnant or breastfeeding.

Our Advanced Whitening Pen is an easy way to apply the whitening formula to your teeth and for hard to reach places for people with crooked teeth.

It's also perfect to keep in your bag, for travelling and touch ups on the go.

It is recommended for use with either the Teeth Whitening Kit or Advanced Teeth Whitening Kit.

You will find a step by step guide on the side of the packaging which the Whitening Pen comes in.

Yes, our whitening process should not interfere with this at all. The bonded retainer should not cause a problem as the whitening is performed on the front side of the tooth and won’t have any impact on the retainer or the glue.

We recommend waiting until your braces have been removed before starting your teeth whitening treatments for best whitening result.

Yes, our product works on crooked teeth as well. Our mouth tray is a non-moulding universal tray which is designed to fit our Whitening LED Light and cannot be modified. The tray is designed to stop your lips and saliva from removing the gel from the surface of your teeth. Once inserted simply apply pressure to the front of the tray and it will make contact with the surface of your teeth, you can then let go and the gel will stay on the surface of your teeth even though the tray is not making direct contact. You can also use our Whitening Pen to apply the gel directly onto your teeth to make sure that the surface is covered and then insert the tray and light as per normal.

The whitening gel in our Teeth Whitening Kits have a 12-month expiry date from receiving the product.

Unfortunately, we do not recommend using our products if you have amalgam fillings. Although our whitening gel is routinely applied to the front surface of the teeth, excessive gel may inadvertently come into contact with amalgam-restored posterior teeth and increase the susceptibility of those amalgam restorations to corrosion and degradation and increase levels of surface mercury. We always recommend seeing a dental practitioner for advice and the options available for you and if you have any questions or concerns regarding your dental work.